In 2017, 8.2% of all home buyers were single, older women - around double the percentage of 20 years ago.

".. the dramatic increase in home purchasing by older women speaks to something else. Many women in this place in life want t own a home of their own, says Jessica Lautz, director of demographics and behavioral insight for the National Association of Realtors. Ms. Lautz also notes that longer average lifespans-and people working until later in life-are giving older buyers the confidence to take on a 15- or 30-year mortgage."

This is the case for a Renelle on the River purchser, Mary Jo Valentine Blythe. Ms. Blythe moved to the city into a rental unit but had qualms about the monthly outlay for a home she did not own. Ms. Blythe then purchased a condominium in Renelle on the River, which is currently under construction along the Chicago River. Her new home at Renelle on the River will keep her in the heart of the city "where I can walk everywhere," says Ms. Blythe.

Read more about Ms. Blythe's purchase at Renelle on the River here.

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